Privacy Statement


Dear User, the fundamentals of your personal information and protection of your personal data is critically important to us with the intention in protecting your private circuit when visiting this website. We comply to inform you on the method in which any personal information in relation to you is handled, processed, and used, through our routines, and including your options regarding usage.  The information presented, along with our user terms, hereby, the personal data, constitutes the essential aspects of an agreements set forth with us. Our company privacy policy is used in accordance with the protection and privacy of information you have provided, and all is taken diligently with the preliminary legislation. This privacy statement is in relation to all services provided through our company website and can be accessed from http://www.GUSTOKitchens.com. In respect of the personal data policy and its capitalized terms, we cordially ask that you refer to the definitions defined below. We reserve the right to amend the contents within this personal data policy at any time and do recommend that you inquire on updates to our personal data policy at set intervals.

Data Processing and Purposes

Gusto Kitchens collects personal information provided by you, (i.e. name, home address, phone number, email, and payment record), for consultation and service application. Your personal data is processed in compliance with you primary rights and freedoms, and in regard of your dignity, with our administration of distinct reverence to your personal identity, confidentiality, and the rights within the protection of personal data provided by you for the sole purpose of contributing practical use of our services at http://www.GUSTOKitchens.com. Your voluntary provision of personal data is used for purposes of providing payment settlement content, delivery notices and delivery of goods, billing by contact implementation, and service provision. Any data provided freely and voluntarily by the user through email transference, and/or telephone or direct contact to all addresses specified in the site, including our customer support processors will be secured bu Gusto Kitchens. In addition, any personal data collected for the sole purpose of business related communication, will not be distributed or used for direct commercial or advertising purposes, ad stored in specific conformity. At the finalization of all objectives achieved, and as general guideline, all personal information collected and used will be immediately terminated as follows.

Communicating Specific Information 
Certain information (i.e. name, phone number, and address) when required, may come to the attention of Gusto Kitchen employees, alone with partners and dealers appointed an authorized by us to communicate and exercise the necessary data provided in pursuit to all purposed itemized in this statement. This information, when required, may also be communicated through third-party companies that provide Gusto Kitchen with information services and assume the role of data processors. Personal data may not be dispersed without you consent. When contacting our data service processors by telephone, any information voluntarily chosen to disclose will be processed by our customer support service operators in a confidential manner, and communicated with our affiliates upon consent and agreement. 

Discarding Procedure 
Once the objective business purposes are achieved, all personal data provided by you is filed in a separate data base filing system in accordance with data protection and policy, in justification to internal policy, and federal data protection laws and regulations. Any interference and use of personal information that is transferred to the data base filing system is prohibited unless held by and required by law. Gusto Kitchens does not provide user information to any outside principles with an exemption to the needs of law enforcement agencies in accordance to the law and procedures of investigating purposes. 

Your Rights and/or Legal Representative's Rights 
We are collectively impelled to inform all users that as the you and your personal data as subject matter, your entitlement in obtaining and/or entitlements of acquiring information verification of the existence of personal data relating to you, both recorded an/or data that has been stored in comprehensible form is your right. Therefore, as authorized through personal data policy and capitalized terms, your right in obtaining personal data is as follows:

a) Your right to informed verification
- Origin of personal data
- Purposes and procedures in the processing activity
- Logical application of electronic device processing
- Identified details of data controllers/data processors/representatives
- Third-Party affiliate servers obtaining data

b) Your Right to obtain verification
- All updates/corrections/additions of individual data
- Conversion and/or freezing processed through breach of law
- Declaration of all disclosures and its validation of awareness

c) Your right to object
- Processing of personal data, if reason is permissible by law whether pertinent to the purpose of collection
- Information processing of personal data for advertisement, direct sales/marketing
- Commercial communication, and/or marketing research
d) Legal representative's rights

You and your personal representative of law may exercise the right to view an/or modify personal data, and may also ask to terminate all personal information by contacting Personal Information Management through office phone or email. Your personal information will be terminated at the request of the user or legal representative. 

Browsing Analytics

Standard process of operation within our web site, and its systems and procedures involved in the orchestration of this site instinctively obtain specific personal data that relate to the users's browsing behavior (i.e. Google Analytics). We continuously work on developing, improving and enhancing the content and performance of www.GUSTOKitchens.com by analyzing user's performance anonymously and in agglomeration. All information regarding website usage is truncated and then transferred to browsing analytics anonymously. The data collected is used exclusively and only in purposes of gathering statistical research and reports on site usage and activity as a whole (i.e amount of usage of specific categorical navigation) and to optimize user browsing experience. Data collected may include i.e. IP addresses of computers, amount of accesses, pages viewed, date and time of access, URL visited with the browser before viewing our page, type of browser, and operating system used.

Telephone Referrers

Should you incline on a direct etiquette through contacting our Customer Service Specialists in person and/or by telephone, all personal information voluntarily provided by you shall be processed, stored and secured exclusively, and for allocation of inquired support services regarding Gusto Kitchens products and services. Personal data, therefore, will not be collected and/or distributed or used for commercial or advertisement, and will be preserved as formerly mentioned. 

Except for the provisions specified above regarding browsing data, the voluntary provision of dissimilar data by the user of this site is permissive and left entirely to the discretion of its user. Failure in providing the variant shall have no disadvantages for the user. 


A cookie is a small text file that is installed and saved on a user's web browser, allowing our system to remember the device used to access the site. Your personal identification data is not stored in cookies, and only an anonymous identification number is stored to record specific information for browsing purposes. Cookies is used to personalize browsing content and to remember your browsing preferences, authentication, and to save browsing information regarding users who access the servers to transmit necessary session identifiers, allowing for a secure and efficient browsing experience within the site. Cookies is also used to remember your browsing preferences and allows us to customize and improve the site for an overall engaging browsing experience. To prevent a website from setting cookies in your browser, the option can be accessed through your setting, however, preventing cookies may cause failure in the efficiency of service to the website.

All rights as stated herein may be utilized by request with the absence of formal procedures or representative, and forwarded directly to data controller at our Contact Page section.